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Leonardo da Vinci who had sketched a horseless, mechanized cart in early 1500 might have not ever dreamed/thought that his design would be used to make such advanced automobiles. Back in the old days, having a car was not everyone’s cup of tea. But now any class people can own a car with few installments or car loans.

Nowadays buying a car is not a big deal but maintaining it for a long time is difficult. When it comes down to the maintenance, you must have a little technical know-how to keep your car in mint condition. Therefore, by following these maintenance checklists, you can keep your vehicle in optimum operating performance.

Spark Plugs

Changing spark plugs, it might sound like intense work, but it is a simple process. Install the new spark plug attached to thick rubbery wires. Tighten the screw with a wrench for a snug fit. At last, re-attach the spark plug wire. Repeat these steps for each spark plug.

Oil and Oil Filter

 After 5,000 miles/9000 kilometers, you can change the oil. But, if it’s brand new straight from the factory, you should change the oil after 50 or 100 miles. However, if you find changing your oil is the dirtiest job on the list, there are plenty of garage/service station nearby.

Check Tire Pressure

 Never wait for a mechanic to check your tire pressure because a most tire-related accident happens due to under-inflated tires. Therefore, check your tire pressure once in a while (every month). Remember, over-inflated tires also can problem later on.

Air Filter

Your filter should be under the hood of the car. But it’s not there, check the car manual. Open up the casing and check out how the air filter fits inside and replace it with a new filter. Always remember to close the metal clip.

Check Your Battery

 A dead battery can be a trouble-maker because you can simply avoid it. If you notice any sign of corrosion of battery terminals, take a cleaning brush and rub off the buildup.

Note: If you have the same battery for a few years, then do a simple cleaning every few months.

Radiator Flush

First, check your manual to find the radiator’s drain plug, unscrew it and let the coolant drain completely. After that, replace the drain plug and remove the radiator cap. You can add the radiator cleaning solution help of a funnel and fill the rest with water. Drain the contents of the radiator and fill it with fresh coolant.

Learn The Meaning of Different Warning Light Indicators

The warning light indicators will be useless if you don’t know what’s wrong with your car. Therefore, read the user manual of cars and know the exact meaning of warnings like service engine light, check engine light, brake warning lights, ABS warning light, etc.

Don’t Install Mismatched Tire

The installing of mismatched tires can upset the handling of your car and even trigger a spin out. Moreover, a misfit tire can cause the other tires to wear out at an unusual alarming high rate. And it also can force you to buy a new set of tires a few weeks later.

Check The Spare Tire

It does not mean having a spare tire in your car can be useful. Therefore, the pressure, condition of the spare tire should be checked before you travel in your car.

Fix/Check The Indicator Bulb

The indicator indicates/inform other motorists/rider the ways you are to go to. This way, they would also know what to do. Therefore, check the indicator and replace it if broken.

Windshield Wipers

First, see how the old blades are connected to metal arms. Then lift the blade and replace it with a new one. Be careful not to bend the wiper arms or scratch your windshield. Make sure the new ones are secure and tight.

Brake Pads

Jack up your car securely, break the lugs and remove the wheels. After be careful while removing the brake caliper. Replace old pads with new. Compress the brake position. Re-install the brake caliper and put the wheel carefully.

Protect The Headlight

Headlights are like the eyes of cars. At night if there is no light then, you might get into an accident. Always check it before traveling at night. Keep it dim and, don’t forget to turn it off in the daytime so that it can save battery.

Keep Your Engine from Overheating

It’s not rocket science to prevent your engine from overheating. Just check your coolant light (coolant level). Also, check for coolant leak because it can be one of the causes of engine overheating.

Protect The Interior of Your Car

Many people stay in the car and have snacks in their car. No wonder a car can get messy and dirty. Therefore, having a clean and nice-looking car will feel more comfortable. You will feel better and have pride of ownership.

Carry The Automotive Tools Always

Anything can happen at any time, and there may not be any mechanic around to help you. Therefore, you should always carry your automotive tools with you. It can come in handy at any time.

Exterior Engine cleaning

There are several instruments available in the market for exterior cleaning. Some minor debris in the wrong place can do a lot of damage if not cleaned. When checking your brake fluid and some grease falls into the brake fluid.

Keep Your Car Covered

Saving your cars from trees, birds, sunlight is the main checklist that helps in the maintenance of your car. So covering your car from these things can help your paint and interior remain in good condition.

Inspect and Replace Serpentine Belts

If the serpentine belt wear-out, it can damage the engine parts, making a small priced item that needs to be replaced turn into a huge bill. But if we get regular maintenance, then they will let you know when to replace it.

Replace the fuel filter

The fuel filter can have unwanted contaminants when the fuel is processed through the engine. Unfortunately, the fuel filter can get overwhelmed after a certain period. So Check the manual and read after how long the filter must be replaced.

Therefore, we may not be as skilled as a mechanic or worker. But we should know how to maintain our cars for long use.

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